The personalities of Air Signs

Air SignsRead about the personalities of Air Signs and see if you will have a good relationship with an air sign! Follow Free Astrology and Horoscope and see the characteristics of Air Signs!

The personalities of Air Signs – GEMINI

For astrological sign Gemini the constant term who characterize their personality is accurate or inconsistent. If a woman has the Sun in Gemini then she will have a more stable and sensitive behavior. For Gemini, morality is not important because he has a multiple personality. Pay attention if you want to date a Gemini because they are individuals who like several people in different stages of their lives.

Gemini easily falls in love and he loves in a profound way but his feelings are rarely sustainable. Their curiosity and lack of responsibility increase their interest in new experiences. Gemini is sensitive to intellectual partners and he is for the physical consumption of the relationship. Gemini just wants to have fun with people and he easily observes the details. The relationship with a Gemini represents 50% friendship and 50% sex.

Reinvent you personality and create always new situations which will bring happiness and fun in Gemini lives!

The personalities of Air Signs – LIBRA

Do you want to have a good marriage? In this case, Balance man is perfect for a wedding. He can be a lover, a good friend and husband in one person. The astrological sign Balance characterize nice people who are sociable, communicative and attentive. Before starting a relationship keep in mind that nobody’s perfect!

Other signs do not understand the success of the Balance among women. Even if Balance man has not the beauty of the Lion, the money of Capricorn, the Cancer affection, the honesty of Virgo, the intelligence of Gemini, Libra man succeeds in situations where others have failures.

Although Libra is the symbol of balance, this astrological sign is unstable because he always looks for a perfect balance. Living in a good atmosphere with his wife is the main goal for Libra men.

The personalities of Air Signs – AQUARIUS

Aquarius is a rational individual that is why the value of friendship is very developed. He always has contradictions and he is afraid to compromise. Aquarius does not support a monotonous marriage or a marriage with a possessive or jealous partner. Aquarius seeks intelligent, friendly and independent women with whom they can be friends first.

Against other air signs – Libra and Gemini, Aquarius is stable and faithful. For Aquarius men are always difficult to express his feelings in words, they prefer to express himself through his actions and his gestures. Aquarius is not a romantic person and he has no inhibitions about any topic or experience. Aquarius is not jealous or possessive; he always respects the freedom of his partners.

Aquarius man does not marry except when he is in love but he easily divorces when he did not like the atmosphere of his home or when he is criticized.

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