Scorpio Ascendant Secrets – The Best Explanation and Meaning.

Scorpio AscendantAre you born under Scorpio ascendant? So you have a great ability to get out of financial impasse. The planet Jupiter helps you to effectively manage the results of any partnership in which you enter or you are already involved. It also promotes situations in which you work by providing a higher level of understanding, intuition, compassion and wisdom.

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The planet Jupiter enters the astrological sign Cancer which will create opportunities for Scorpio. The energy of Jupiter makes a beneficial aspect with Sun in Scorpio especially for those born in the first 15 days of sign. All this will help you to solve personal problems and contributes to the elimination of old problems.

This is a good time to make long-term plans, to travel, to exploit spirituality or support the belief in God.

The planet Saturn in Scorpio ascendant will help you redefine your identity and your way of seeing life. It may be as a difficult process especially if you cannot voluntarily give up the unnecessary elements of your life. Saturn is the planet of karma and it has a unique way of teaching on humility, patience and understanding.

For people of Scorpio ascendant and astrological sign Scorpion, it is the best time to be more realistic, to find your own personality or to define its competences. This knowledge of yourself will help you to better know the reality but also to explore your own personality.

For Scorpio ascendant, relationships will be very important. The planet Saturn will focus on the Scorpio ascendant in the field of personality and individuality so your friendly and loving relationships require a reinvention. Be open to changes and bring innovation in your life, in your professional career and in your relationship!

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