The Importance of the Leo Ascendant, Personality and Challenge

Leo AscendantThe transit of Jupiter will bring for Leo Ascendant new friends, hopes and protection. The planetary influences of Jupiter promote luck and success with your friends while the friendly relations that you already have will be as a hope which generates protection, security and peace. People of astrological sign Leo will be influenced by their friends as well as prosperity can be fully achieved with the help of friends but also to the profession or to investments already made.

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The energy that the planet Jupiter brings will have a beneficial aspect for people of astrological sign Leo whom will even improve their health by reducing toxins in the body. This is a long-term favorable period in terms of health or relationships with others while life couple and love will be magnified.

Jupiter in Cancer will create opportunities for all people of Leo ascendant. This means that people of Leo ascendant will have more energy to work for themselves, to solve their problems and to mitigate the consequences of decisions taken quickly to provide both a prestigious achievement.

Are you born under astrological sign Leo? So you will have the tendency to give more attention to your friends, to strangers and you will even be touched by the ingratitude and selfishness that you will receive in return. Following the traditional horoscope, the transit of planets goes much influence on Leo ascendant and life throughout the year.

For people of Leo ascendant, Jupiter will offer a strong protection against all difficulties; it is like a magic charm that you must follow. Enjoy your life because it is the best time to close the karmic debt through forgiveness, compassion and kindness. You can heal the wounds of the past or you can pay a few less severe faults mistakes made in the past.

The most important things for Leo ascendant will be the family, children and the relationship.

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