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love clairvoyanceCan everyone have a relationship without conflicts? How the relationships can be improved and how can approach them to the perfection? Why so few couples are very united and harmonious? Do not rush to answer. Follow free love clairvoyance and you will have answers to all your questions about love and relationship!

Everyone has a set of needs: the need to be in relationship, the need to be separated, the need for security but also the need for adventure. Love clairvoyance helps you discover the way people are away from their spouses and why they lack confidence in themselves. Each may also believe that it does not deserve to be loved and receive pleasure. We all have expectations of life. Unhappiness in general is that the reality does not match expectations. Everyone has a vision of the future reality and when people or events do not correspond to the models of their mind, they are unhappy.

Follow free love clairvoyance and you will see the models that are in your minds and that your expectations are given by the way you perceive the reality. And this is relative, because each person perceives reality differently. Each person is unique but everyone is viewed differently by others. Everyone has an example or a model that they follow. This is a standard and it influences the people lives but also the decision everyone takes.

How many of you consider the wedding of your parents as perfect or very good? Probably, not so many of you consider this true. The model family is your family without realizing it. This happens because you have childhood beliefs mixed with strong feelings of comfort and security. So you tend to form a new family or couple based on your family model more or less. Follow free love clairvoyance and find out which model influences you!

How to use the love clairvoyance to have a good relationship for a long time?

The best solution is to change the perception of partner and of relationship. You must try to see things with different eyes. It is best to put yourself in the place of another and you will realize how he sees and how he feels everything you do. How do you think your relationship can be improved? Follow free love clairvoyance and you will have the answers to all your questions!

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